SAND Lab Interest Form 2022-2023 Cycle
Please complete this form if you are a prospective PhD student interested in joining UChicago and working in the SAND Lab. Sorry for the impersonal feel of the survey, but filling this out means you are on a short list that Heather and Ben will definitely look for when reviewing the incoming applicant pool. Feel free to give short, brief answers.

Note: for 2022-2023 cycle, we are indeed actively recruiting PhD students, with emphasis on security/privacy, adversarial ML/robustness, and wearable/mobile security. We are a tight-knit, supportive lab and welcome diverse opinions and perspectives. For most of the last decade, women have outnumbered men in SAND lab (sometimes significantly). We will generally not look at applications until the application deadline of December 15. For more specific questions, please do reach out to Ben and Heather via email. 
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Do you have a homepage (include a link if you do)?  Homepages are SOOO useful. I highly recommend students put up a webpage, even a really simple one.
Are you currently in school? If so, where? When will you graduate? If not, where did you graduate from? *
What is your primary research interest? *
What is/was your major?
Tell us about your research experience if any (brief summary is fine)
Why do you want a PhD?
What are your long-term career goals after graduation? *
Why do you want to work with the SAND Lab? *
Please describe a few of the hardest problems you've solved & exactly how you solved them. *
Can you tell me the most challenging/difficult experience (academic, research, or life) you've had in the last 4-5 years? (Optional: feel free to skip if you're not comfortable)
Please tell us a fun, lesser-known fact about yourself. *
What do you think is your strongest skill? Weakest?
If you could have any currently non-domesticated animal as a pet, what would it be and why? (just for fun!)
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