2019 Global Bushcraft Symposium
Throughout the event our intention is to honour our contemporary instructors, our mentors, and the traditional cultures to which we are indebted for much of the knowledge that we share.

Mission Statement:
An international gathering to promote bushcraft, survival, and traditional skills instruction through the open exchange of philosophies, pedagogical methods and dissemination of best practices within the industry.

Goal Statements:
1. By developing connections across generations of instructors and cultures of practice.
2. Emphasizing the critical importance of teaching accurate, fact based and tested skills in their proper context.
3. Honoring those who have lived, rediscovered and promoted the traditions before us.

If these statements are something that you strongly support, then we encourage you to consider how you can contribute to this event.

In planning your presentation, please keep the following in mind:
1. Indoor teaching venues can accommodate 50 - 350
2. Outdoor teaching venues include boreal and parkland forests, meadows, marsh, riverfront, oxbow lake, and managed campground facilities
3. Consider providing 1 or more sessions in one of the Themed Camps

Breakout Sessions:
- Will have A/V support
- 40-90 minute semi-formal presentation to support the Mission and Goals of GBS 2019
- Suited to facilitated discussions amongst peers, general presentations, paper presentations, marketing techniques, professionalism, business experiences, etc

Theme Camps:
- Informal presentations of 60-180 minutes, typically in an outdoor setting
- Skills and field knowledge focus
- You may be requested to provide the workshop on more than occasion

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