Survey: How Will The New EU VAT Laws Impact Your Business?
There are changes in EU VAT legislation from January 1st that will directly hit any business, worldwide, that trades with consumers in the EU, outside of its own country.

It effectively brings in corporate levels of administration and regulation that will now be applied to even the smallest of businesses. But most businesses are unaware of this.

If you run a business, anywhere - large or small - that trades with EU consumers, PLEASE complete this survey, to help us collect data to help the EU Decision-Makers to urgently reform the legislation.

If you have not yet started your business, please reply to the questions from the point of view of what you plan to do.

All responses are anonymous.

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Are you aware that, from 1st January 2015, if you sell outside of your home country to an EU member state then the VAT / sales tax for Digital Services must now be charged at the rate of the customer’s country of residence, and paid to that country, rather than the business’s country?
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Did you know that these changes will be rolled out to physical goods and services, possibly as early as 2016, thereby affecting ALL sales to the EU (outside of your home territory if your business is in the EU already)?
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How did you find out about the new EU legislation?
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When did you hear about this?
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What percentage of your sales would you estimate go to EU consumers (outside of your own country)?
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Are you currently selling digital services?
If not yet trading, please answer the rest of the questions from the viewpoint of your plans
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Do you feel that the new rules apply to your business?
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Which of the following types of products / services do you sell?
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How do you sell your digitally-delivered products?
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(if applicable) Which third party platform(s) do you use?
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Which payment processor do you use?
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What have you done to get informed about the new legislation?
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What, if anything, are you going to do as a result of the new legislation on 1st January?
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How confident do you feel that you are well-informed about the changes?
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Completely confident
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Is your sales process currently capable of collecting and analysing the required 2-3 pieces of non-conflicting information to prove your customer’s location, and storing it for 10 years, in compliance with the legislation, starting from 1st January 2015?
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If you put into practice everything necessary to comply with the new EU VAT legislation, what do you think the time and financial cost to your business will be?
How would you describe the potential overall impact of the new EU VAT legislation on your business?
And finally, about your business
How would you describe the size of your business - in under 5 words?
How many people work in your business, including yourself?
Do you have an accountant?
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What is your approximate annual turnover?
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What currency is your turnover stated above in?
In which country is your business located?
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