Growth Groups
Growth Groups are a critical first step for each of us on The Journey at New Hope. Most groups are organized by the location where they meet. This is way to know people who live near you and serve your neighborhood together.

Other groups are organized by common interests (i.e. Financial Peace), stages of life (i.e. Mom to Mom), or gender (Men's and Women's Groups).

Most groups meet the entire year, while some are short term (i.e. FPU).

Each week groups have a Biblical discussion. Some groups focus on talking about living out the previous weekend's message (we call those "Living the Message"). Other groups focus on a topic of interest (i.e. Marriage or Parenting) or a specific book of the Bible.

Take your next step on The Journey by *joining a Growth Group, today!

*The following list is of groups that are currently available. We have many Growth Groups meeting in our church family, but they may no longer be available to join. Choose from any of the groups below that are available.

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