Welcome to the course!
Before our first class, I'd like to get to know a bit about you and your interests in the course! Please first have a quick look over the course information here: https://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~patitsas/csedcourse/
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What is your name and how do you pronounce it? *
What are you hoping to get out of this course? *
What would you like me to know about you going into this term? (e.g. accommodations, pronouns, background, etc)
What time zone will you be in for the bulk of the term?
What are your preferences for different ways of consuming/engaging with course material?
Strongly against
Strongly prefer
Reading book chapters
Reading original research articles
Reading blog/news/magazine articles
Listening to podcasts
Watching videos
Structured small group discussions with classmates
Large group discussions
Small weekly projects
A large term project
Clear selection
What are you interested in when it comes to possible course material?
Strongly against
Strongly prefer
Pedagogical techniques for teaching computing (e.g. how to live code)
Curriculum design for teaching computing (e.g how to design programming assignments)
Sociology of how computing is taught (e.g. why is computing so gendered)
Psychology of learning computing (e.g. how do our brains handle learning programming?)
Issues facing CS educators (e.g. working with limited resources)
Clear selection
This will be the first time the course is offered online. What suggestions/preferences do you have when it comes to format?
Anything else you want me to know before our first class?
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