FarmoryWorks Aquaculture Technician Program Application [Spring 2021]
The FarmoryWorks Aquaculture Technician certification program aims to introduce aquaculture techniques to those interested in delving into the world of Wisconsin aquaculture. This program will cover a wide range of topics such as the status of Wisconsin aquaculture, biosecurity practices, common aquaculture systems, and growing out yellow perch fingerlings. As a graduate of the FarmoryWorks Aquaculture Technician certification program, you’re ready for careers in sustainable agriculture areas such as aquaculture and aquaponics. You will be qualified for employment in a variety of positions associated with aquaculture, aquaponics, water management, and local food system efforts. You will also be qualified to apply to the FarmoryWorks Aquaculture Entrepreneurship program where you will gain the knowledge to run your own aquaculture or aquaponics business.
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Program Participants will learn and demonstrate hands-on skills on these topics:
• Aquaculture systems
• Biosecurity
• The Farmory Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
• Water Quality Monitoring
• Fish Health
• Fish Husbandry Practices
• Fingerling Production
• Fish Nutrition
Program Participants will be able to:
• Manage and maintain aquaculture systems
• Apply biosecurity practices to their own aquaculture system
• Problem solve through a system malfunction
• Manage and monitor water quality
• Remedy water quality issues
• Maintain thorough data records on aquaculture systems
• Observe and determine potential fish health concerns
• Apply fish husbandry skills to their own aquaculture system
• Practice best aquaculture husbandry
• Assess growth of fingerlings
• Calculate appropriate growth and maintenance diets
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