IWC Board Nomination Form
Interested in making a difference to the Kelowna spoken word and literary arts community? Inspired Word Cafe Society (IWC) is currently seeking board member candidates for four positions on our Board of Directors.

The positions are 1 and 2 year terms from June 2019 to June 2021. We are looking for individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences who are interested in helping us fulfill our vision of promoting and furthering a broad community engagement with literary arts.

We have a skills-based board that balances experience, knowledge, and professional expertise. To maintain this balance, the IWC Board has directed us to seek candidates who have the expertise and can make contributions in the areas of:

Strategic planning and leadership
Financial management
Social enterprise development
Non-profit governance

In addition, the Board of Directors prioritizes candidates who identify as:

Members of an Indigenous or other under-represented community
Mature adults (50+ years of age)
Students (18-30 years of age)

We are looking for dedicated team members who will:

Attend a minimum of 8 board meetings annually
Attend a minimum of 3 IWC events each season
Advise on related matters, including the development of new opportunities/needs in the community
Assist in the promotion of our events online (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Commit to 5-10 hours of volunteer work per month (outside meetings and event times)
Advocate for our needs in the community and among your peers and colleagues

If you are interested in being considered for our board, please complete this online application form. The submission period will be open until July 15, 2019.

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Nominee Interview
We’ve asked each candidate a few questions about IWC and we will present all the answers in the election kit. To facilitate ease for voters, we may edit for consistency.

Please note: Please do not exceed 100 words per answer or it will be cut.

Can you please introduce yourself? You can include highlights from your professional/volunteer background. If you wish, please indicate if you self-identify as a:
In your response, please indicate how your background will add to the Board of Directors through the identified priority areas of expertise:
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