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9:00 am 12:30 pm - Saturday, February 27
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COVID-19 Reopening Plan
Restrictions From Attending

Anyone who meets any of the following criteria is not permitted to attend:

*In the past 48 hours you have had, or you are currently experiencing:
-fever or cough (new or worsening)
*two or more of the following symptoms (new or worsening):
-sore throat
-runny nose
-shortness of breath

*You have travelled outside of the four Atlantic provinces in the previous 14 days
*You have had close contact to a confirmed case of COVID-19
*You are awaiting a COVID-19 test result

Be advised, individuals considered at a higher risk of severe illness with COVID-19 include but are not limited to those over 65 and those with compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions.

There will be a list of the most updated signs and symptoms for COVID-19 posted at our designated entrance locations & on our signup form. More information regarding symptoms can be found on the 811 website.

Physical Distancing & Masks

-Adults attending a worship gathering must maintain a distance of 6ft from anyone not in their family bubble or social group of up to 10 persons adhering to section 5.3(b) of the Health Protection Act.
-Physical distancing in seating will be guaranteed by markings on the seats or by ushers showing attendees to a seat 6ft from the nearest group.
-Everyone in attendance must wear a mask that covers their mouth & nose.
(a) Anyone speaking or singing from the front in order to provide leadership (eg. Praise team singers, prayer, preaching, etc.) may remove their mask while undertaking that role but must immediately after fulfilling that role put their mask back on;
(b) a person is less than 2 years of age or age 2 to 4 years and their caregiver cannot persuade them to wear a mask;
(c) a person for whom the wearing of a mask is not possible because of the person's medical condition; and
-Physical greetings like handshakes and hugs are not permitted.
-We will not pass offering plates or communion plates.
-People singing and speaking at the front will be at least 12ft from the nearest attendee.

Entering/Exiting Building

-Adults without children can use either the Commercial Street or School entrance.
-Adults with children must enter by the School Street entrance and sign in their kids at the gym. See details below.


-The bathrooms nearest to the Family Life Centre, the washroom on the upstairs balcony level, and the washroom in the basement nearest to the mud room are all reserved for children/youth and are NOT to be used by others attending the worship service.
-The bathroom in the vestry (mainfloor), as well as the bathroom in the basement nearest the stairs can be used by anyone attending the worship service.

Personal Hygiene

-Everyone will sanitize their hands as soon as they enter the building.
-Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
-Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or into your elbow.
-Do not share personal items or supplies such as phones, pens, notebooks, masks, etc…
-Refrain from shaking hands with others.
-Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the washroom, after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

Gathering Limit

-The number of people who may attend will be limited to 200 people, or half the building capacity whichever is less.
-In order to ensure we do not exceed the gathering limit, attendees must sign up in advance.

Environmental Cleaning

High touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected between each gathering in the facility.
Please read the Reopening Plan above *
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