Balance Refund Application Form: Disapproval/Non-Approval of Zaif's Business Succession
As it was explained in "Refund Correspondence: for the Customers who have not Accepted the Contract Succession after the Completion of Zaif Business Transfer (" on April 26, Tech Bureau, Corp. (the “Company” or “TB”) has completed the business transfer of Zaif Exchange and Zaif Instant Exchange (“Zaif”) to Fisco Cryptocurrency Exchange Inc. (the “Transferee” or “Fisco”).

We will now begin accepting the refund application forms since we are now ready to proceed refunds the reserved deposits and cryptocurrency to the bank accounts registered on Zaif for the customers who has disapproved or has not accepted the contract succession.

-Refund Method: The refund*1 will be performed in Japanese Yen (JPY) to the Customers’ bank account*2 registered on Zaif under the principle*3.

-Correspondence Starting Date / Period: From Thursday, 6 Jun 2019 until Thursday, 15 Aug 2019

-Refund Procedure Date: For the Customers whose refund request has been checked and confirmed, the closing date will be on the 15th of every month, at the end of every month, and the summed up refund will be performed on the 15th of the following month.

-Converting Record Date & Time: The rate as of 24:00 on the 15th of every month or at the end of every month (JST)

-Refund Charge: Paid by the Customers (The charge will be deducted from the refund amount.)
i. Refund in JPY:
   Zaif prescribed withdrawal fee
   Less than 500,000 yen ---> 350JPY, More than 500,000 yen ---> 756JPY  (
ii. Refund with Cryptocurrency (other than XCP etc.): Zaif prescribed withdrawal fee (
ⅲ. Refund with Cryptocurrency (XCP etc): No withdrawal fee


*Calculation method for cryptocurrency rate:

BTC (average value for Zaif, Coincheck) XEM (average value for Zaif, Coincheck) Mona (average value for Zaif / bitflyer) ETH (average value for Zaif, Coincheck) BCH (average value for Zaif, Coincheck) FSCC (Zaif) NCXC (Zaif) CICC (Zaif) CMS (Zaif) PEPE (Zaif) BITCRYSTALS (Zaif) SJCX (Zaif) XCP (Zaif) ZAIF (Zaif)

*1 We do not accept refunds for accounts with the balance which do not meet the Transfer Charge.
*2 If you wish to receive the refund to a bank account that is not registered on Zaif, we will correspond individually. However, we will not accept refunds for the bank account that the balance does not meet Remittance Charge to other accounts.
*3 It excludes the case if we have received a request of the refund in cryptocurrency instead, and the receiving address.

Flow until Refund

① Reception: An email will be sent to customers as a notice that we have received the refund application.
② Confirmation: Details of refund application, account balance, etc. will be confirmed. (Including identity verification)
* We will contact customers individually if the Customers wish to receive the refund in cryptocurrency.
③ Execution of Refund: The application procedure will close on the 15th and the end of the month, and each cryptocurrencies will be converted to Japanese Yen at the closing time of 24:00 o'clock, and the both refund will be implemented after the 15th of the following month. (※ If the 15th is on a weekend, it will be refunded in the next business day.)
④ Report: A report email will be sent to the Customers once the refund is performed.

Please note that we will send e-mails, contact information and all other correspondence on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00.

Please enter the contents registered in Zaif for the following items.

*An automated reply will be sent by email once you submit the form. Please make sure to enter the email address correctly, otherwise you may not receive the automated reply in case there is a mistake to your entered email address.

*For identity verification, the postal address must be completely the same as the name of the prefecture and the name of the building. Please enter the details registered on Zaif correctly.

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