Short Survey: Arts, Equity and Recovery in San Francisco and Bay Area
In summer 2020, Arts for a Better Bay Area (ABBA) and SAFEhouse Arts began producing an online forum to help connect and support artists, and arts and culture workers around issues of recovery, advocacy, cultural equity, and representation. The online event series REBOUND - ARTS Equity & Recovery kicked off in September 2020.

In producing this 3rd event, the Rebound series is being led by a team of local BIPOC arts & culture leaders to guide the event’s focus and planning. The intention of this upcoming event is to center BIPOC and historically excluded communities' needs.

To learn about emerging issues and concerns directly from the community as we reopen, we ask that you take this short survey to help us determine the focus of the next event. We want this event to be representative of our arts & culture communities and be driven by your interest and needs. Please share this survey with your communities (too) - Thank you!

*   Looking at recovery for Arts and Culture in the Bay Area, what is in front of you and behind you?
*   Looking at the Art and Culture of San Francisco/Bay Area, what does recovery mean to you? What do you feel is needed?
*   Answer based on your conversations with your communities, work, and personal relationships.

Please note, the information gathered from this survey will be anonymous unless you give us permission to follow up with you.

With gratitude,
REBOUND - ARTS Equity & Recovery BIPOC Organizing Team:
- Aimee Espiritu (Espiritu Consulting / Board Member of Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area)
- Anna Lisa Escobedo (Engagement Project Manager, YBCA)
- Ericka Scott (Co-Director, San Francisco African-American Arts & Cultural District)
- Ernesto Sopprani (Independent Cultural Worker, Artist Advocate, Cultural Strategist)
- Rodney Jackson Jr. (Co-Founder at San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Company - BATCO)

Supported by:
- Susie McKinnon (ABBA, Director)
- Joe Landini (SAFEhouse Arts, Executive Director)

Survey closes July 23rd.
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Describe your community: Who are they and how have you maintained relationships? How do you stay in communication? *
As we reopen, what do you/your communities need to know about arts and culture recovery in San Francisco/Bay Area? *
What are ongoing barriers (prior to and during pandemic times) that your communities face with regards to arts and culture? *
In order to have conversations about arts and culture that matter to you and your community, what would make the event welcoming/feel inviting? *
Describe how you would like to see BIPOC perspectives centered at the next online event. *
Name three arts and culture spaces, events or organizations that you look forward to reconnecting with.
Is there anything else you would like to share regarding San Francisco/Bay Area arts & culture and recovery?
If you are open to us following up with you and learn more about the upcoming event, please share your email.
Thank you for your time!
banner image credit: Community Arts Stabilization Trust’s (CAST), Culture Compass
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