Uniform Parent Survey

August 29, 2023

Whitewater Parents, Guardians, and Community Stakeholders,

In February of 2023, Whitewater School Improvement Team began the process to revise our current school uniform policy. Our current uniform policy is a white, navy blue, hunter green, or black collared shirt or Whitewater Middle School t-shirt, khaki, navy blue, or black long pants or skirt, and close toed shoes with backs on them. 

Whitewater Middle School would like to give the opportunity for the community to share their opinion on the current uniform policy. In the case our community votes to remove our current school uniform policy, Whitewater Middle School would establish a Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools approved dress code instead. 

Before making a decision on whether on not to revise our current uniform dress code, please review examples of both positives and negatives of implementing a uniform dress code in schools:


*Uniforms build school spirit.

*Less bullying in schools.

*Saving time in the morning.

*Improve school safety.

*Clear “Appropriate” dress rules. 


*Upfront uniform costs.

*Lack of freedom of expression.

*Students do not get to exercise free choice.

*Uniforms highlight social-class differences.

*Less visible diversity. 

According to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools policy, in order to alter the current dress code policy:

*70% of parents, guardians, and stakeholders must respond to the school’s survey.

*75% of  parents, guardians, and stakeholders must agree to change uniform policy.

To respond to the school’s request for feedback, please complete this Google form. Parents and/or guardians MUST complete each question of this form. This form should be completed no later than September 8, 2023. 

Thank you all for your continued support of our school,

Whitewater Middle School Leadership Team

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