The Failure Project
Now open to communities beyond Cornell, the purpose of this project is to combat the culture of perfection seeded across the world. Please take these responses seriously and reflect on your failures!

Your responses will be collected and compiled for Your responses may be displayed on The Failure Project's social media outlets.

Thank you for participating!

- Charlie

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Write the name of your most recent educational institution (e.g. Monte Vista High School, University of Michigan, or MIT Sloan School of Business). *
Tell me about three of your life successes (separated by commas) (e.g. Ran a marathon; Interned at Blackstone; Started my own company, UpStart). *
Tell me about three of your life failures (separated by commas) (e.g. Lost the most important tennis match of my life, Lost my child in a foreign country, Got arrested for running a Ponzi Scheme). *
Please elaborate a little bit more about one of your failures - tell a story about the time you felt most defeated. What are your regrets? Your worries? One paragraph minimum. Please avoid interview-like responses - don't hold back and write honestly! *
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