SURVEY (students) Erasmus+ project
Dear students, this Erasmus+ project is meant to bring us, as well as the teachers, closer together and share the European spirit. It is important to know how you perceived the work and the mobility itself. That is why we encourage you to give us feedback about this visit. Thanks in advance for filling out the survey.


It is a really good experience to work in an international team speaking English *
I like being engaged in this Erasmus+ project *
There was a good balance between the WORK program and the CULTURAL program *
We should have had more time for working on the Webpage (cooPEERation) *
After this project I am more aware I can help people in need in many ways *
The technical and media equipment during the meeting was enough to do our task *
Everybody in the working groups has worked hard *
The organized program (trip to Hamburg, art lesson , German lesson, Party, Rallye, games...) helped to get good contact with the hosts *
There should be more organized program. *
Communication with other foreign students in English was no problem for me at all. *
The activities allowed students to interact and mix with students from other countries effectively *
The difference in age among students was not an obstacle to work & communicate effectively *
Because of this meeting I understand the Spanish/Italian/German nationality/lifestyle much better. *
I contacted my guest before the meeting (via facebook, whatsapp, e-mail....) *
My host student took care of me very well *
Time spent with my host-family/with my host helped me to get good contact with him/her. *
There should be more time for family organized program. *
My host family treated me well *
I intend to keep in touch with my host *
I am.... *
I am from.... *
You can write your name if you want.
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You can write suggestions to improve our project or further comments....THANKS FOR YOUR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION.
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