Questionnaire of Claritynco about wedding sign
Hello brides-to-be, in order to improve our products and our customer service, we’d like to invite you to answer a simple questionnaire. After completing this survey, you’ll receive a 15% coupon that can be used for any order on our website. Thanks for your cooperation!
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1. How did you hear about Claritynco? *
2. What will attract you to buy wedding signs? *
3. What kind of signs would you buy? *
4. What materials would you buy? *
5. Why would you buy or not buy acrylic signs? *
6. How do you get informations & ideas about wedding signs? *
7. When would you buy a sign for your wedding? *
8. What's your wedding signs budget? *
9. What's your wedding invitation budget? *
10. What is your wedding colors? *
11. Where’s your wedding venue? *
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