2021 NERSC Call for Presentations
23rd Annual New England Resident Service Coordinators, Inc. Conference
Theme: Together Towards Tomorrow
Location: HYBRID - Virtual & In-person at the Lodge at Spruce Peak
Dates: May 5-7, 2021
Deadline: 11/6/2020

As the premiere source of training and professional development for Resident Service Coordinators in New England and beyond, NERSC represents over 500 RSCs and housing professionals.

The primary function of of the NERSC Conference is to provide an educational and networking forum for Resident Service Coordinators and other housing professionals who serve a diverse resident population. The conference offers the opportunity to showcase your technical expertise and “best practice” programs to leaders in the housing and social service professions.

Conference Structure:
With the uncertainty of COVID-9, we will need to be flexible in our planning for 2021. If everything goes according to plan, we will be offering a hybrid conference model. This will be composed of a limited attendance, 2.5 day, in-person conference in Stowe, Vermont along with a virtual component for those attendees who can't attend in person or don't feel comfortable doing so.

The in-person conference will function similarly to our past conferences by offering 2.5 days of educational workshops in a 1.5 hour and 2 hour format. The ideal workshop sessions will be a mixture of lecture-based, case studies, panel discussion, and interactive instruction featuring a well-balanced mixture of best practices, hot topics, core areas, skill development, and newly available resources.

The virtual conference workshops will function more like webinars and will be limited to 1 hour. For those that are more lecture-based, we will be offering a pre-recorded option. We do ask that the presenter(s) be available during the scheduled showing period to field any questions. We will also have live virtual sessions for those workshops that are interactive and/or have breakout groups. For those sessions that are pre-recorded, we are asking presenters to allow us to share the recording with our in-person attendees as an added benefit.

If all does NOT go according to plan, we will move to a fully-virtual conference and would be looking to modify a majority of the in-person trainings to fit a virtual format.

Conference Attendees:
Resident Service Coordinators are professionals who serve elders, youth and families in their housing communities in both public housing and privately owned/managed affordable housing throughout the country. Resident service coordination is essential to a healthy and vibrant affordable housing community and contributes substantially to the well-being of residents and successful management of the property.

Professional Resident Service Coordinators fulfill a variety of functions including (but not limited to):
• Coordinating service-delivery through partnerships with community agencies, so that residents can live with independence and dignity;
• Linking residents to social service intervention and support, to achieve and maintain successful tenancy;
• Maximizing resident well-being and quality of life through coordination of onsite health and wellness programs;
• Facilitating youth and family education and enrichment programs to build a sense of community and promote resident self-sufficiency;
• Promoting healthy resident interaction and creating opportunities for resident leadership and community engagement.

The audience is experienced, knowledgeable, sophisticated, and requires the most cutting edge quality information and training.

Presentation Guidelines:
Please carefully consider the level (beginner/intermediate/advanced) when submitting your proposal. We have attendees that are brand new to the industry and many that have been in the field for decades. It is important the level be accurately reflected in the workshop content. Please consider an advanced workshop if you are able.

There are four basic educational tracks that workshop topics fall under: Elderly/Disabled Populations, Family & Youth, Professional Development, and Supervisory/Management. Some presentations may have crossover appeal to more than one educational track.

We hope that in the course of your presentation, you can integrate the theme of the conference, "Together Towards Tomorrow”.

Panel presentations are limited to no more than three speakers.

It is very important that the session be educational-based and inclusive of all New England states. We will not accept proposals if they feature or highlight a product or service that your organization is selling. We do have in-person exhibitor opportunities for this purpose if you are interested.

Audio Visual Requirements & Room Setup Request:
If your proposal is accepted, we will reach out to you to gather your audio visual needs and room setup request.

Compensation Request:
NERSC, Inc. values the time and expertise of speakers. To keep our conference fees affordable to front line RSCs, we ask that requests for compensation be kept to a minimum. There is an option to received "reduced registration" for those presenters that would like to attend the conference. In exchange for compensation, you will receive 1/3 off your registration rate per workshop.

Presentation Submission: Deadline is November 6, 2020

Decision/Notification Process:
Presentations will be accepted through November 6, 2020. Speakers will be notified via email by December 1, 2020. If your workshop is accepted, your letter will confirm the details of your workshop.

Cancellation Policy:
NERSC requires notice by December 20, 2020 for any cancellation of accepted presentations. If cancellation occurs after that time, presenters are asked to find a suitable substitute presenter for their session.

Questions? Call or email us. 508-863-0020 or info@nerscinc.org

If you are submitting multiple course proposals, please submit one application per course.
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