Shiva Delivers - Jews In Solidarity with Black Grief
When someone in our community passes away it is customary for us to attend a Shiva and bring food to our friends and family who are grieving. We do this to show our support, and to alleviate any small bit of stress like sorting out feeding oneself.

This past week has been one of grief for Black folks. Not only have Black lives been disproportionately impacted and lost due to COVID-19, but we have witnessed police officers murder Black people in broad daylight as well as in their own homes (George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Regis Korchinski-Paquet & Tony McDade, may their memories be a blessing).

As Jews, we know what it feels like to experience a collective tragedy, especially in the past two years as anti-Semitic violence has been on the rise. We also know how much it has meant to us when other communities have demonstrated their solidarity. Jews are a multiracial and multiethnic global community. What affects one of us affects all of us. Black Jews and the greater Black community deserve our solidarity now and always (Edit by Shekhiynah Larks).

We are coordinating a collective effort, whereby non-Black Jews cook a dinner meal for a Black household in Vancouver in order to lighten their load and hopefully bring a bit of joy. All we need from you is a commitment to whip up a delicious meal, and WE will deliver it! All food should be prepared (and will be delivered) using proper safety precautions to ensure that nobody's health is at risk of COVID-19. We encourage you to do said cooking with your loved ones, and have critical conversations about unlearning anti-Blackness and racism. It's a beautiful thing when we can hold one another accountable, free of judgement, and keep our hands busy in some challah dough.

This initiative stemmed from our desire to mobilize the Jewish community to provide a simple gesture in the form of a cultural practice that continues to soothe our people in times of grief.

Please fill out some information below to help us coordinate getting Black folks in Vancouver some home cooked Shiva meals for 7 days.

Much love,
Becca Schwenk & Madison Slobin

*Note: This form is completely private and information provided will only be used by Becca and Madison for the purposes of Shiva Delivers.
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