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This application form is for people interested in adjudicating and moderating at upcoming Ethics Olympiads. Ethics Olympiads are run twice annually and involve school-aged children grappling with ethical issues while being assessed by adjudicators. Due to COVID restrictions the event is being run online via ZOOM and the change in format means we will need more people with training in Philosophy to be moderator judges.

We will be paying people a flat rate of $190 for each Olympiad. These events are usually run between 9 am and 3 pm, depending on the time zone in which they occur. If you are interested there is a process of training before you participate as a moderator / judge. We will send you a short training video and invite you to observe an Ethics Olympiad prior to participating.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative then please fill in your details below. This role would ideally suit Post Grad Philosophy/Humanities students or teachers with training in Philosophy but anyone can apply.

Note that people can and have participated as judge/moderators from numerous countries.

More information about the Ethics Olympiad can be found at
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