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Oak Grove Foundation . Higher Opportunities for Teachers Committee
1. Please describe in detail the professional development experience you are submitting for approval. Please also include the following: Name of conference, date and location of conference, website, and purpose of professional development. *
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Name: *
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Date of Proposal: *
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2. What professional needs will this address? Please list at least three concrete classroom strategies you hope to develop: *
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4. What are your goals and objectives for this professional development? Please list at least two goals and related objectives. *
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3. Please list the resources you will need to engage in this professional development experience (conference fee, travel expenses, professional leave time, etc.). *
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5. How do you plan to measure the effectiveness of these goals and objectives? *
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I will submit a check request form with original receipt for reimbursement 10 school days from the professional development date. *
I will submit Oak Tree article to Beth Vertino ( within 10 school days from the professional development date. *
7. It is mandatory that recipients discuss their experience through an article in the Oak Tree. We encourage recipients to consider other means of sharing the knowledge they gained. Please check the boxes below to indicate other ways you will relate your experiences with faculty and families.
6. How does this experience support and align with the overall goals of Oak Grove Elementary as outlined in its School Improvement Plan? What goals from the CSIP and/or GPS will be supported by this experience? *
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I will set the date for redelivery with the principal within 10 school days from the professional development date. *
I will email Beth Vertino with the redelivery date. *
Please email any supporting documents (such as price lists, conference agendas, pertinent information, etc.) to Beth Vertino at

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