Donate your devices
Welcome on our device donation program.

Please visit for more information.

All you have to do is simply filling the form below to donate your device.

As soon as we receive your details, we will get in touch to send you a prepaid shipping waybill so you have nothing to pay!

By completing this form, you agree to the following conditions:

- You agree to assign ownership of your device to SOSAV S.A.S.
- Thanks to your device, repair manuals will be produced. Therefore you agree that we will not be able to return it (except in the case of a loan).
- In the case where you are lending device, you give permission to SOSAV to disassemble your device.
- In the case of a product loan we will do our best to keep intact the data recorded in your device. SOSAV declines any responsibility for any partial or total loss or theft of data. In the case of a donation, we will make every effort to delete your personal data from your device.

We undertake to use the contact details information in this form only for the purpose of sending you a prepaid shipping waybill. Your data will not be used for any other purposes nor transferred to any third parties. In the case of a donation we also undertake, as required, to entrust a company certified in the recycling of WEEE with your device at our own expense.

Thank you for your generosity :)
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