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Sheffield Hallam University Staff LGBT+ Network

The group is open to all staff of Sheffield Hallam University who self-defines as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans or any other way you may wish to identify under the LGBT+ umbrella.

Mission Statement
"To drive positive change, create and promote a safe, supportive environment for LGBT+ communities at Sheffield Hallam University and the city"

Terms of Reference
1. To create a network group that is active, visible, celebratory and "out".
2. To provide "out" role models to students, employees and prospective students.
3. To advise and provide consultation with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion team, Equality and Diversity committee, HR and other senior policy writers on LGBT+ matters.
4. To form a partnership with Sheffield Hallam student union LGBT+ group.
5. To produce regular information for members and supporters using a range of communications.
6. To publicise widely the activities in which the group is already involved.
7. Work with the wider community.
8. Work with other Sheffield Hallam staff networks.

Roles and responsibilities of members
1. To take a pro-active role in the group.
2. To contribute to projects, initiatives or activities agreed by the group.
3. To respect the confidentiality and membership status of fellow members.
4. To report back on initiatives including work to support LGBT+ students, externally visibility, changes to University policy and increased activity and presences of SIGNAL in Hallam.

Mode of Operation
1. The group will hold monthly meetings.
2. Provide a safe and supportive environment for all LGBT+ staff.
3. Organise socials, campaigns and initiatives to encourage participation and raise awareness of LGBT+ matters.
4. Work in partnership with groups in Sheffield and the Student Union LGBT+ liberation group.
5. Provide a spokesperson to attend the Equality and Diversity committee to advise on processes and systems for supporting LGBT+ staff, students and external parties, present reports when required and to drive the Equality and Diversity agenda forward.

SIGNAL are asking for information about sexual orientation and gender identity as the network wants to be representative of the wide diversity of our LGBT+ staff. The data will be held on a protected worksheet that only the co-chairs & secretary have access to. You may request this information at any time.
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Members indicate their preferred level of membership, including preferences about disclosure based on a traffic light system. Green - Totally "out" and willing to be named publicly as a role model for the University in publicity. Amber - "out" or partially "out" at work, happy to be identified in meetings and group emails visible to other SIGNAL members. Red - Discreet membership, names only visible to secretary and chair, happy to receive SIGNAL emails but always contact by bcc.
1) As an LGBT+ staff group we are here for LGBT+ staff specifically and would like to know about your gender/sexual orientation to better guide our work on campus
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2) We’re conscious of further diversity within LGBT+ communities so could you tell us about your race/ethnicity, (dis)abilities, religious beliefs, age et al to help us diversify our efforts
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