Sign Up Form - Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam 2023


You must meet the following requirements to sign up for this exam:
- Be at least 18 years old
- Have an account on the MetaZoo Play Network (MPN)

This form is to sign up for the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam, the final step in becoming a novice gameplay judge for MetaZoo. To learn more about what a MetaZoologist is, please open the following link:

We highly recommended you complete all possible practice exams before signing up for this exam. These practice exams can be found here:

We also recommend you familiarize yourself with our official gameplay resources. These resources can be found at and include the Rulebook, Rules Index, Tournament Policy, and the Official Claimable 4th Wall Items/Characteristics list. This is an open-note exam, meaning you can refer to any official gameplay resource to help you answer the questions while you are taking the exam.

After submitting this form, please keep an eye on our Discord server for announcements on when the next exam period begins. When the exam period begins, an exam code will be sent to the email provided on this form. Once this code has been sent out, you must open the link and complete your exam within the exam period. After the the exam period ends, no more exams may be submitted and any exams submitted after this time will not be scored.

Once an exam has started, it must be completed within the time allotted.

You may complete the exam at any time during the exam period, however only one submission is allowed. This submission must be made before the end of the exam period. Exams submitted after the exam period ends will neither be accepted nor scored.

It should be noted that this exam uses external software to record data, such as your exam submission time. For this exam to be properly submitted, please do NOT edit this code. Doing so will void your exam and you will receive a score of zero. You may also be asked for additional exam security measures, such as screen sharing to prevent cheating.

If you pass the exam, we may announce this on our Discord. If you do not pass the exam, fret not! You may sign up again after the current exam period ends.

If you have any questions, please email or send a message to EmilioEmilioNostalgiaCollectible#9967 on our official Discord at

We thank you for your interest in becoming an Apprentice MetaZoologist, and we wish you good luck!

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