Chicago 2020 Interest/Intent Form
Hello Orchestra Families!

In order to plan for our 2020 Chicago Trip, we are in need of your intent and interest for your child participating on this spring trip. The first group of students to sign up and make eligible payments will be placed on the roster for the Chicago Trip. Priority will be given by seniority and timeliness of payments. After the first bus is filled, the next group of students will be placed on a waiting list until we have enough for a second bus. In the event that the second bus fills, we will place the next group of students on a waiting list. In the event that the second bus does not fill and there is not an available spot on the trip for your student, your check/payment will be returned. For an overview of our trip, please see here:
Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
Grade *
Instrument *
After reviewing the Trip Memo (link above), would you like to have your student participate in the Harrison Orchestra Chicago 2020 Tour on March 18-22, 2020? *
By saying "Yes" above, I acknowledge that my student must be (both semesters) active in the program when the trip occurs and must be in good standing with the school and organization. I am aware that should an incident occur deemed by the director severe enough that it warrants sending my child home, I am responsible for all transportation (including air craft fare) for my child. I am also aware that NO REFUND will be given if my child is removed due to a Cobb County School Board policy being broken. *
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