Parents, Families, Caregivers Survey
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Thank you for taking this survey. This survey is anonymous. It does not collect your email address. All questions are optional. You can skip a question you do not want to answer.

This survey is being conducted by the Northampton Public Schools. Information collected will be used to support grant proposals which will fund services and programs for all Northampton early education and childcare programs including community-based, public school programs and parent workshops.

Questions? Contact Laura Frogameni, Preschool & Partnership Coordinator at 587-1471 or
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How did your family go about finding childcare and/or preschool? Check all that apply.
Please tell us about your search for childcare:
Have you experienced difficulty in finding childcare or preschool for your family?
Do you have options for preschool or childcare that meet your scheduling needs?
Do you have transportation to get your child back and forth to te program?
Do you have transportation needs that are unmet?
Were you on a waitlist for a childcare program?
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Where is your preschool or childcare?
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Where do you live?
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How many days per week do you need care for your child or children?
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How many hours do you need?
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Does your family need care at any of these times? Please check all that apply.
If you currently have childcare, how do you pay for it? Please check all that apply
If you do not have a child in childcare or preschool, why not? Please check all that apply.
How do you get your child or children to their program? Please check all that apply.
If your child is enrolled in a program, please rate your experience at your preschool or childcare program
Not usually
Some of the time
Most of the time
Nearly all of the time
Do you feel a sense of belonging at your child’s program?
Are families included as active members of the child’s team in all steps of the eligibility and implementation process?
Are meetings, ongoing communication, and documents accessible to you in your home language?
Do you feel that you are regularly included in conversations about your child with childcare/preschool providers?
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If your child is in a program, do you see the value to children with disabilities from being in class with typically developing children?
I do
It's hard, I'm not always sure
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If your child is in a program, do you see the value to typically developing children from having children with disabilities as classmates?
I do
It's hard, I'm not always sure
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The Commonwealth Preschool Partnership Initiative (CPPI) grant has funded expanded delivery options for children with disabilities. If your child has an IEP or RTI sessions and Itinerant Special Education services delivered to their childcare center, please rate the following
My child does not have an IEP
Not usually
Some of the time
Most of the time
Nearly all of the time
Do the public school staff and the community program staff work together with your family to develop IEP plans, goals, and practices that reflect your family’s priorities, concerns, and build on your child’s strengths and needs?
Are the public school district's communications understandable and free of jargon?
Are Itinerant Special Education services working for your child?
Is it a help to your family to have the services delivered to your child in their community-based program??
Are you satisfied with communication about your child's progress?
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State grants have also funded expanded options for family engagement opportunities. Please tell us if you have attended or would like to attend these programs. Please check all that apply.
I attended this
I would go if offered again
No thank you
Kestrel Land Trust Walks
Parent Child+ Home Visiting
Child Development Workshops w/Chrissy D'Agostino
Northampton Parents Center Playgroups
MERGE for Equality Workshops
Raising Anti-Racist Children w/Tiffany Jewell
Hadley Library Playgroup
Playgroup at Meadowbrook Community Room
Asperger/Autism Network Workshop
First Aid for Parents & Caregivers
Please let us know your preference for family engagement programs
What do you want to know more about regarding your child’s education?
Is there anything else you'd like us to know? Something that's going well? A challenge?
The following questions ask about your family, income, race and other demographic information. It helps us understand the data when we look at everyone in the city's answers. Remember, you do not have to answer. You can skip questions then hit submit at the bottom.
Adults in the Household
More than 5
How many adults are in your household?
How many adults are working or in school part time?
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How many children are in the household and what are their ages?
1 to 2 years old
3 years old
4 years old
5 years old
6 years old
6-12 years old
12-18 years old
Child 1
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4
Child 5
Child 6
Child 7
Child 8
What is the primary language in your home?
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Ethnicity: Our family has members that are Hispanic/Latinx
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Race: Our family has members that are (check all that apply)
What is your gross family income?
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Is there anything else you want us to know about your family?
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