Coach Application - Men's Flag 2020
This form is for Coaches to apply for the role of Head Coach of the Men's Campaign to compete at the 2020 World Flag Championship in Korea in 2020.

We are only asking for applications for the position of Head Coach.
Other Coaching positions will be appointed at a later date.

The process is contestable and applicants should read the information available for the role and for the campaign prior to applying.
In this application you will be asked to provide a resume. Please have this ready to up-load.

Applications will close on Friday 8th March with an announcement within 14 days after the closing date.

Your Name *
Your phone number *
Your email address *
Club *
Which Club do you belong to. If you do not belong to a NZ Club and are applying from overseas please provide details of your affiliations to a Club, or region and your Federation.
Remuneration 1 *
What is your expectation of remuneration. You can add more on this in your resume if you wish.
Remuneration 2
If you answered that you expect to be paid for your time, in the previous question, please give an estimation of what your expectation or range of remuneration would be.
Date for interview *
Applicants should make sure that they have made time to be available for an interview (if required) either by skype or dial-in voice conference between the dates of the 4th to the 10th March. Please indicate what dates and hours suit best for this.
Assistant Coach *
If you were not successful in being appointed as the Head Coach would you consider being appointed as an Assistant Coach or helping in some other way?
Resume *
If you have a resume, or have used the template provided for application, please upload it here. Documents can be in PDF form but not presentation, image or video.
Additional Document
If you have an additional document please upload it here. Documents can be in PDF form but not presentation, image or video.
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