5th Grade Computer Science Assessment
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1. Which one of these is an algorithm? *
2. There is a big red square painted on the school playground. Your teacher takes the class out to the playground. You are given instructions to walk around the big red square once. You are standing on Point A and start walking to Point B. To continue walking the square, which way do you turn? *
3. You want to control a toy robot moving around a room. You write this step in your algorithm: Turn right at the wall. What could be the code for this? *
4. What is computer code? *
5. Look and compare the images below. What do you think happens when Sprite1 is touching Star2? *
Captionless Image
6. You are creating a code to display the daily weather on a webpage. In order to do that, you need to use the following coding concept: *
7. Which angle is not a possibility when coding around a triangle? *
8. You are designing toy traffic lights. You program the toy car to stop when the lights are red and go when the lights are green. Which program would be the best choice for your code? *
9. Computers store information in a special code. The smallest piece of this code is called a ____. *
10. URL is an abbreviation of 'Uniform Resource Locator'. What does this mean? *
11. You want your character in a game you are coding to start walking with the left leg. What code do you use? *
12. Which of the following is a real world example of a loop? *
13. Python and Javascript are coding languages that use: *
14. Which of the following is an example of a strong password *
15. Drones run using *
16. Which industries use Computer Science? *
17. You are programming a drone. Your drone suddenly stops working mid flight. Which option is not a possible solution? *
18. To run a program in Tynker, where can you find the block you need to start the algorithm?
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19. When you use Google CS First, you should always: *
20. Which is NOT a requirement on the Code of Conduct?
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