ACP MS Student Feedback Survey Fall 2019
Welcome back! This year, you'll be taking some time to investigate careers and plan for your future. We'd like to know how much you know about careers, Xello (formerly Career Cruising) and Inspire at the beginning of the year and again at the of the year. Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey so we can make Xello and Inspire even better for next year.
Lynn Aprill - Inspire Northeast Wisconsin Coordinator
Please choose your school district: *
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I have a good understanding of my career and education options after high school. *
I know how to find information on careers that interest me and the path I need to take to achieve a particular career. *
I am feeling positive about my planning for my future after high school graduation. *
I understand how the knowledge and skills I'm learning in my classes can be applied in real-world work situations. *
I am able to log into Xello (formerly Career Cruising) and understand how to find the information I've saved to My Plan. *
Right now, I am leaning toward the following option right after high school: *
Thank you for taking our survey!
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