OAYOUTH Kenya Affiliate Registration Form
This is an application form for registration as an affiliate of the Organisation of Africa Youth-Kenya. Please read the form carefully and fill all the details. In case of any inquiry, send an email to kenya@oayouth.org . Organisation of African Youth (OAYouth) was formed in 2009, conforming to the provisions of African Youth Charter which was adopted by the African Union. We work to motivate, unify and empower African youth to be drivers of Africa’s social and economic transformation. Through our networks and partners, OAYouth strengthen synergies and collaboration by ensuring that projects are managed by local OAYouth committees in individual African countries, addressing the unique needs of the resident youth. Affiliation grants you a chance for linkages, access to information,capacity building among others.
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OAY is not a funding organisation, but a platform and network of youth led organisations, what are some of the suggestions we use to work together and benefit mutually? *
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By filling this form you accept to be affiliated to the OAY network, though you will remain autonomous and free of any influence whatsoever from OAY, and only use OAY logo or brand with a written permission from OAY management *
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