Shrewsbury Destination Imagination Student Registration Form 2020-21
Registration form for Destination Imagination at Shrewsbury Public Schools.
This form is required to be filled out prior to filling out the Team Registration Form.

Please note: if you manage a team, you only need to send $50 for the student whose team you help manage.

The funds will be used for team challenge purchase and tournament enrollment.

Please mail a non-refundable check for $75 per student ($50 for managers) payable to:

Shrewsbury Public Schools - DI Fund.

Please include the student name in the memo field of the check. Please write a separate check per student.

Mail checks to:
Eric Craft
70 Bay View Drive
Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Any questions please contact:
Eric Craft (Town Coordinator) (Preferred - I will try to respond within 1 - 2 days for all inquires.)
(774) 287-2583 (after 6pm please)

Lavanya Thiagarajan
(508) 845-7426
Student's first name: *
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Student Email Address
Parent or Guardian First Name : *
Primary contact
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Primary contact
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Primary Contact
Secondary Contact First Name
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Student's team level *
This is your child's current grade level. The team will be the level of the oldest participant. Note: if your team has already done rising stars one year, you may sign up for Elementary level and do a different challenge. Teams are limited to 7 people above rising stars level (you may have more at the rising stars level). Your team will be the level of the oldest individual on the team.
Was your student on a team the previous year? *
Do you have other students you would like to be teamed with?
Please include the first and last name of all individuals you would like to be teamed with. There is no guarantee that this will be possible, but we will make every effort to ensure it happens. Your team may need to take on additional participants if there are no other teams available for them to be on. The maximum size of any team is 7 people.
Team Name
Please have all returning team members use the same name. All individuals with this name will be attempted to put together (maximum of 7 people for all levels above rising stars).
Team Number
Leave this field blank. I will fill in when I order the team number. Eric
Preferences for types of challenges - Top choice
These are your child's main area of interest (so we can try to find other children with similar interests). Only applicable for grades 3 and higher. Fine arts is typically creating some sort of skit with artistic design, technical is creating some sort of object that accomplishes a task, improvisation will have to modify a skit on the fly, structural will create an object that will hold weight, service challenge will attempt to solve a community problem.
Available meeting times
Enter your available meeting times. Meetings are usually 1-2 hours in duration.
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