FQ-related Doctor Positive Review Form
Please use this form to share good doctors (or naturopaths, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers) with whom you have had "good" experiences for long-term Fluoroquinolone adverse drug reactions. Those who admitted that your symptoms were probably caused by fluoroquinolones or that they had previously encountered other patients with persistent adverse effects of fluoroquinolones are especially "Good" and help the community greatly!
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US Residents: enter the state in which the doctor's office is located. Non-U.S. Residents: Enter the country and state of the doctor's office.
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Enter the name of the doctor, chiropractor, naturopath, acupuncturist, etc. For Physical Therapy offices, you may just enter the office name.
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The specialty of practice, if the doctor has one.
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This is a review form for collecting *positive* doctor reviews. Please write a mini-review of the doctor / practictioner.
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