LAE Student Survey
Most students in my school do their best even when the work is difficult.
Most students in my school do all their homework.
Most students in my school think its OK to cheat if other students are cheating.
Most students in my school try to do a good job on schoolwork, even when it's NOT interesting.
My teachers give me a lot of encouragement.
My teachers make learning interesting.
My teachers encourage students to share their ideas about things we are studying in class.
My teachers notice when I am doing a good job and let me know about it.
My teachers will help me improve my work if I do poorly on an assignment.
My teachers provide me with lots of chances to be part of class discussions or activities.
My teachers often assign homework that helps me learn.
My teachers will give me extra help at school outside of regular classes.
Most students are well behaved.
Most students do NOT really care about each other.
Most students help each other when asked.
Most students treat each other with respect.
Teachers at my school treat students with respect.
Students are treated fairly by the adults in the school.
Most students in my school are easily able to work out disagreements with other students.
There are lots of chances for students in my school to talk with a teacher one-on-one.
Adults in this school are usually willing to make the time to give students extra help.
My teachers really care about me.
What I learn in my classes is relevant in my real life.
My teachers teach things that are important to me.
In class, it is more important to understand the lesson than to memorize the answers.
My teachers accept nothing less than my best effort.
My teachers explain difficult things clearly.
My teachers would notice if something were bothering me.
If I don't understand something, my teachers explain it a different way.
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