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This information will be used to process your SCA Certified Judges Class request. All new events must be approved by the SCA board before being approved. Please fill in as much information as possible about your proposed class. All SCA Certified Judges Classes are taught by the SCA founders so dates are sometimes not available.
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The Certified Judges Class is a 2.5 hour class and can be done mornings, afternoons or evenings.
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The Certified Judges Class is a 2.5 hour class and can be done mornings, afternoons or evenings
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Promoters Responsibilities

1. Provide a room or tent for the judging class with good lighting.
2. Provide tables and chairs for the class.
3. Assist us in locating someone to cook 1 steak for each 2 students in the class. 24 students = 12 steaks cooked
4. Guarantee a MINIMUM of 20 students in the class, with 20 students SCA will not charge any fee or travel to do the class.

SCA reserves the right to display, promote and sell, SCA products and services and that of its national sponsors at SCA Certified Judges Classes.

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Once submitted someone from the SCA will contact you to work out the details. Thank you for considering hosting a SCA Certified Judges Class.

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