Pro-Refugee Business Letter
Thank you for signing this pro-refugee letter from business leaders to President Trump and the U.S. Congress. The text of the letter is below. Please fill out the form below the letter to sign on. Contact Meredith Owen at with any questions. Please note the information collected in this form will be used specifically for purposes of this letter. Thank you, and please help us spread the word about this opportunity to voice support for refugee resettlement.

Dear Mr. President:

As business leaders, we write to express our support for the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. Refugees possess a strong work ethic and are entrepreneurs, job creators, employees, and consumers. We have seen firsthand that refugees are diligent, reliable workers. Grateful for the opportunity to live in safety and rebuild their lives, refugees are valuable parts of our workforce and contribute a great deal to our businesses and communities.

We are concerned by recent reports that the refugee admissions goal could be set to zero, or again lowered in Fiscal Year 2020. The reduction of refugee resettlement to 30,000 in FY19 already marks a drastic departure from the average annual refugee admissions goal of 95,000 and has had negative impacts on local economies and businesses across the country.

Our employees are the backbone of our companies, and without them we cannot run our businesses. According to The Fiscal Policy Institute, 73 percent of employers of refugees report that they have lower turnover rates than other employees. Refugee resettlement agencies and employers maintain mutually beneficial relationships, working collaboratively to hire and retain refugees, who arrive authorized and eager to work.

Refugees make up a large part of the workforce in the meatpacking, health care, hospitality, transportation, manufacturing, and personal care industries. Increasingly, refugees fill important workforce needs and gaps in the labor market, and help revitalize rural economies.

The economic argument for admitting refugees is clear. Refugees resettled in the United States pay taxes, open businesses, buy homes, and utilize their expertise, skills, inventive ideas and resilience to contribute to the American economy. Studies, including from the National Bureau of Economic Research and New American Economy, show that refugees contribute more value to the economy than the initial investment in their resettlement.

We support resettling refugees in our communities, and urge your administration to return refugee resettlement to historic norms. We hope that you will take into account our need to welcome refugees as you make your determination on refugee admissions for 2020.

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