6 Human Needs Test
After completing your 6 Human Needs Quiz, it will be reviewed personally by Amanda Scocozzo, Certified Coach. After full review, the results of your 6 Human Needs Assessment will be emailed to you. At that time you will have an opportunity to schedule a complimentary call, if you would like to explore a bit deeper.

A thorough understanding of the 6 Human Needs Assessment, will provide a pathway of understanding how your highest needs have impacted your life with tips to positively fulfill your highest needs creating a strong sense of balance, fulfillment and a roadmap towards meeting your goals.

By understanding your highest human need, it will help you understand WHY you make the decisions that you do. Knowing why you have made certain decisions or been in a repeat pattern, is the key to shifting your core foundation to help create healthier decisions from a place of wholeness.

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