Somatic Body Training 2018-2020 Online Application
Welcome - This shows your interest in the Somatic Body program and your commitment to your somatic path.


Please fill out the application questions. We would like to get to know you. Is Somatic Body the right program for you at this point in your life? ALL applicants will be able to have a conversation with Christine Cole, Director of Somatic Body to discuss these issues and get to know you better, before you are accepted.

Somatic Body is a two year 500h Body-Mind Centering® Immersion Training that runs April 2018 - February 2020. Completing all the requirements leads to Certification in Somatic Body.

Christine Cole will be inviting other Body-Mind Centering® teachers throughout the year to co-teach. Assistants will also support many of the classes.

We are currently accepting applications for the whole program. If there is space, we will be accepting some students to attend individual modules during the first year. Please apply early as we will not have many of these slots available. ALL students are required to do anatomy preparation and certain homework and partnering sessions.

Payment structure:
Application Fee: $100 (applied toward tuition, refundable if not accepted into the program)
Full Tuition: $8600

Once Accepted into the Program: First payment of $1000 is due immediately
2nd payment February 15, 2018, $1000
Final payment , balance of 1st year tuition due April 11, 2017 upon arrival

2nd year tuition must be paid in full before start of 2nd year April 2019

Payment Plans are available - Some work study available: contact us

Vermont Residents: You may qualify for VSAC grant funding. Contact us for information, and VSAC payment schedule.
**For the best chance of receiving a VSAC grant we advise all applications be submitted in the Fall of 2017**

Register by Feb 9th and pay in full by Feb 15 2018 - $500 off
Register by Feb 9th and send in downpayment of $1000 - $400 off

SomaticBODY Training Schedule:

Year One: 
April 11-15, 2018 Embryo, Prevertebral Patterns & Touch: Luminescence
May 16-20, 2018  Spine Skeletal/ Intro to Land patterns
July tbd 9 days (not at Earthdance)  Organs/ Homologous / Ribs, Pelvis
Sept 2018 Home study of Muscles preparation 
Oct 24-28, 2018  Tensegrity/Ligaments/joints
November 28-December 2 2018  Senses & Perception
Feb tbd 9 days, 2019 Muscles & Kinesthetic Integration

Year Two:
April 10-14, 2019   Fluids-Dance -Breath
May 15-19 2019  Endocrine Glands, Chakras
June/July tbd 9 days 2019  Neuroglial, the Nervous system
Sept/Oct tbd 5 days 2019  Mouthing vocalization, neck
Nov/Dec tbd 5 days 2019  Developmental Patterns: Teaching skills/reflexes
Jan/ Feb tbd 9 days 2020  All in FLOW Developmental Patterns, Birth
make up dates will be available

Classes are 9:30am - 6pm, plus 2 evening classes 7-9pm and labs

The program will take place in Western Massachusetts at Earthdance and Nine Mountain Retreat in Plainfield, MA.

Accommodations are not included in the fees above:
Earthdance fees are $45- $65 a night for lodging and include vegetarian meals, accommodating just about every diet - this is part of the training, as it allows for community mingling and discussion.

Payment Info:
Please send a check to Somatic Body Training, 40 Riverside Drive, Florence, MA 01062
or pay for fee on the website/ register:|/payment/

Full refund until February 15, 2018 for full program minus $250
50% refund for 1st year tuition before March 15, 2018
No refunds thereafter.

Please fill out this form online. We will need your signature - so online registration folks must also get a short form to us with your signature.

You may always email or call Christine 413.320.7556 for information or questions.

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Please send a check to Somatic Body Training, 40 Riverside Drive, Florence , MA 01062
Application Questions
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What is your profession?
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Please share your experience in:
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Theater & Performance
Authentic Movement
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What techniques or habits do you have to be present with yourself, the group, and the work? *
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Have you been part of a group process or body/mind training? *
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What support would you like from the program to stay connected to yourself, the work, and others?? *
Dharma Door provides ample opportunity for walks, swims, silent time in nature...
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Other Information
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Other Stuff
Health Information *
As with every health & wellness program, please check with your medical doctor before starting this program.
Selfcare means you are able to move/ dance/ be awake. Consider this program a major transformative experience that will affect your life and challenge your support systems/ family/ relationships
Thank your partner now for all they will go through!
The Training will take place at Earthdance Retreat Center, Plainfield MA, with one unit planned by the ocean and one at Dharma Door, VT (unless size of students or unforeseen circumstances require a move to another New England space)
Withdrawal Information
Full refund available until February 15, 2018 (for full program) minus $250.
50% refund of first year tuition until March 15, 2018.
No refunds thereafter.
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