FB Ad Marketer Recruitment - Intake Form
If you are looking to recruit a FB and/or Funnel Marketer use the following form to list out your needs and we will match you with suitable recruits.

We have 3 Levels of Contractors:

Tier 1 Beginner - No real experience. They are member for FATC and they are mentored by Facebook Ads experts from Cat's team. Case Studies not available!

Tier 2 Advanced - FATC members who have worked on multiple accounts but they are still tuning in their skills. Case Studies usually available!

Tier 3 Experts - Proven Facebook AD Marketers who have completed all of our testing and they have proven results. Case Studies available!

Please complete as much as possible. The more details your provide us with more suitable contractors we can match you with.

Your company name and details will be kept confidential until further down the recruitment process.

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