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The IPCC has given the world 6-12 years to put in place actions to stop the runaway effects of global warming. We are in the midst of the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced and we need to make swift changes in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s the single-use plastic bottles we drink from or the cars we drive, the gas we burn to heat our homes or the electricity generated to light our hallways; fossil fuels dominate every aspect of our lives and humans are hooked!

To abate our addiction and find new solutions to all these problems is an incredibly difficult task and creative new technologies have a huge role to play towards these important aims.

As part of carbon negative operations, we are looking into a myriad of interventions to make scalable impacts on our greenhouse gas emissions. For example, how to upgrade our grid to allow more wind farms to be used, or converting to a full hydrogen economy in our homes and vehicles. Other areas look into new materials that can biodegrade or be used to generate electricity or even recycling techniques to maximise the use of what we have already made. There’s even scope for geoengineering projects at a scale we’ve never seen before to forcibly remove carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses directly from our atmosphere. We believe it’s time to build these systems to a working stage so that we have the choice to use them if needs be.

Climate change brings with it great danger, but also incredibly opportunity. There is no other area that technology and science can have as an exciting and crucial impact as this right now.

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