Innovative Language Pedagogy Report - The Shortlist
Innovating Language Pedagogy Report: the shortlist

As the editors of the forthcoming publication “Innovating Language Pedagogy Report”, to be published by ResearchPublishing.Net in 2020, we are seeking the input of experts in the field and ask you to complete this short survey.

The Innovating Language Pedagogy Report explores new approaches to language teaching, learning and assessment in schools, FE and HE institutions. It seeks to highlight and disseminate innovative pedagogical practices in the languages field in a clear, accessible way to inform and guide educators and policymakers to help regenerate and transform language learning.

Following the methodology of the renowned Innovating Pedagogy Reports by our colleagues at the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University (, we are seeking your expertise in drawing up a shortlist of innovative pedagogies that will have an impact on language teaching and learning that will feature in the report. We asked some experts to nominate a number of pedagogies for the longlist; we are now asking fo your expert advice to draw up the shortlist.

In the next section we ask you to select the top three pedagogies that you think should make it to the report for being relevant and impactful in language teaching and learning. You should select three pedagogies that will have an impact in the in the short, medium or long term, rather than those that you think are already well-established.

Any information you provide will, of course, be treated confidentially and the data from this survey will be anomymised if reported in any publication or presentation.

Thank you for your help!

Tita Beaven and Fernando Rosell-Aguilar
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