Compass Health Brands Customer Satisfaction Survey
PRODUCT: How well does our brand perform to your expectations? *
PRODUCT: How satisfied are you with the products purchased from Compass Health Brands? Do they consistently meet specifications and quality standards? *
CUSTOMER SERVICE: How satisfied are you with our responsiveness to your questions or concerns about our products? *
CUSTOMER SERVICE: How long was your wait on hold before speaking with our customer service representative? *
TECHNICAL SUPPORT: How satisfied are you with our support staff's knowledge and ability to resolve problems? *
DELIVERY: How satisfied are you with our delivery? Are your orders are delivered by the required dates? *
SHIPPING: How satisfied are you with our shipping? Are the correct products and quantity delivered per your order? *
HANDLING: How satisfied are you with our handling? Are our packing and shipping materials adequate to protect the product during shipment? *
PACKAGING: How satisfied are you with our packaging? Are all products packaged and labelled according to specifications? *
WARRANTIES: Whenever a warranty question arises, are you satisfied that it is resolved quickly and fairly? *
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