EarthFest Free Tickets!
Event date: Sunday January 20, 2019 from 11:00 am to 4:30 pm at the beautiful Marina Barrage near Gardens by the Bay.
Why tickets? We're serious about sustainability. We design EarthFest knowing how many people can attend keeping things sustainable. Limiting the number of visitors and being able to communicate with our visitors in advance about what to bring (or not bring) is key to this. See our charity's PDPA statement here:
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Try to keep this as accurate as we can - EarthFest is free, but we can only accommodate a certain number of people so need to limit attendance to keep it sustainable.
Although we do compost our food fair's servingware, we really would like to reduce those by encouraging people to bring their own reusables (last year it cost our charity over $1700 on the disposables and of course it's still better for the environment) *
If only some of your group with BYO, please type the number that will BYO in the "Other" option below.
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