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Are you a woman (cis/trans) who is a current or prospective parent and feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out in your game development career? Pixelles' peer mentorship (also called co-development) group will help build your support networks and exchange knowledge. This group will meet once a month in Montreal for 6 months, facilitated in coordination with Gamma HR. Currently we plan to start the group in September (tentative).

Your participation or even interest in this group will be kept in strictest confidence -- neither Pixelles nor Gamma HR will communicate with anyone else about your involvement with this program.

Read the full info about the program here: http://pixelles.ca/2017/01/peer-mentorship

You are welcome to send questions or suggestions to info@pixelles.ca

Please apply before midnight July 29th to be considered for the program.

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Folks with under 2 years of professional experience are encouraged to step back for now and engage in other Pixelles networking activities. However, all full-time roles are valid whether at a company or freelance, not just traditional development (QA, community management, marketing, user research, etc).
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Note: It's not a contest. This has no bearing on your selection for the program and is mostly for our statistics.
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Note: It's not a contest. This has no bearing on your selection for the program and is mostly for our statistics.
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