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Firearms Ownership
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Obtaining a Concealed Carry Weapon permit ( CCW )
You MUST have a CCW permit in order to carry a firearm outside of the home for protection in CA. Are you interested in receiving help in applying for your California CCW?
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If you do not own a firearm that is practical for concealed carrying, are you interested in assistance in purchasing one?
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#NotMeOC is strictly a referral service. We are not responsible for your personal safety while utilizing our services
By electronically submitting this questionnaire, the applicant agrees that she/he/they are legally able to own a firearm, including but not limited to being 21 years of age, not a felon, and not the subject of a restraining order. *
By submitting this application for services, the applicant agrees to follow the four basic rules for handling firearms *
By electronically signing this questionnaire, the undersigned acknowledges that there are risks associated with the use of firearms and being in proximity of their use. The undersigned voluntarily assumes all risk of injury and loss from all such activities. The undersigned unconditionally releases and holds harmless Orange County Gun Owners PAC, its employees, its members, or its representatives should any harm result in operating a firearm. *
By virtually signing this application, you agree to the above aforementioned, and agree that all information is true, to the best of your knowledge. Please type your name below. *
Thank you, again, for your interest in #NotMeOC. We look forward to working with you. You will be hearing from an Ambassador soon!
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