The Grapevine Genomics Encyclopedia
Q1 - Are you from (specify, if possible, in ‘Other’): *
Q2 - In your opinion, what are the various challenges that the grapevine sector (viticulture, wine production) will face in the upcoming coming years? *
Q3 - In your opinion, what are the various challenges that the grapevine research sector will face in the upcoming coming years? *
Q4 - Do you think the grapevine community (research and industry) needs a centralized platform to tackle the challenges from Q2 and Q3? *
Q5 - What would you expect from a centralized grapevine portal? *
Q6 - What kind of data should be present in this database? Score according to importance (1-low importance; 5-highest importance)
I. Genomics
Genome assemblies and gene annotations. *
Genome variation in a collection (SNPs/InDels/MNPs/SV/CNV). *
Raw WGS data. *
Epigenomics. *
II. Transcriptomics
Gene expression atlases. *
Co-expression networks. *
Raw/pre-processed WTS data. *
III. Metabolomics
Gene associated to metabolic pathways. *
Grape metabolite catalog and profiles. *
IV. Genetics & Breeding.
Pedigree. *
Genetic maps. *
QTL. *
Gene and gene family catalogues. *
Phenotypic data. *
V. Ecology and Evolution.
Phylogenies. *
Biodiversity collections. *
Climate-related data. *
Climate warming agricultural impact models. *
VI. Other type of data not considered here? *
Q7- What kind of analysis tools would you like to have in this database (1-low importance; 5-highest importance)
Genome comparative tools. *
Gene dashboards. *
Transcriptomics visualizations. *
Workflows (e.g., Galaxy) *
Q8- What percentage of the data showcased in this portal should be open access? (0-100) *
Q9- Would you be willing to pay a fee for extra services or more curated data? (1-not at all; 5-definitely) *
Q10. Which kind of services within the DB would you be willing to pay at an extra fee? Ideas. (1-low importance; 5-highest importance)
Data analysis (e.g., transcriptomic analysis including downstream analysis). *
Software application development (e.g., field phenotyping tool connected to some Grapedia federated resources using BraPi). *
Applied tools development (e.g., pathogen identification through molecular and image analysis tool). *
Diagnosis (kits involving sampling reception, sequencing, result presentations) *
Consulting. *
Extra data curation (manual curated metadata such as: metadata on experimental designs, preprocessed or processed data such as normalized expression matrices, phenotyping data using ontologies, experimental conditions using ontologies) *
Q11.  How do you think the industry could benefit from such a portal? *
Q12. How do you think the industry could contribute to this portal? *
Q13. Would you like to contribute to Grapedia? If so, how would you do it?
Economical support. I am willing to fund the development of some public projects. *
Personnel support. I am willing to dedicate some people in my group to develop some of the grapedia projects. *
Grant-writing support. I am willing to spend part of my time advising and helping to develop proposals for the whole Grapedia or different subprojects. *
Training support. *
Public engagement support. *
Data provider. *
Beta testing and feature requests. *
Q14. (Optional)
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