KcEY New Website Survey
Thank you for coming for a Visit to our updated Website. We would like to ask you some skill testing questions.
We have 5 Skill Testing Questions and 3 ABC's questions about helping.
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Which is your favourite cartoon on the Contact page
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1) First Visit? *
Is this your fist Visit to our new website
2) Are you a member? *
Skill Testing Question: We are in the business of Helping the Childern of the World. We really appreciate & love your participation!?
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3) How Many Fundraising Webpages are there? *
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4) How did you find  us *
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5) Which Fundraising webpage looks best? *
Go have a look at the Burns Supper and Holiday Treats Pages
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Now some ABC's of helping and having some fun!
A) Our Club Domain *
What 2 Web Domain Names spellings Point to our Website. (Trick Question)
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B) Picture in KcEY Newsletter *
What is the best way to get your picture in KcEY Newsletter
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C) Your Comments Please
Thank your for our support and input. SO: 1) Do you have an idea on how to make the website better, and 2)  maybe a Story we need to post in the Newsletter and on the website OR 3) Just a Comment?
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D) Your First Name?
Please tell us your First Name - Thank you. If you want to be contacted, leave a note in the Comment Question  and/or email Webadmin@KcEY.ca
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