APIENC TGNC Rights and Empowerment Day
On Sat. 3/24, APIENC's Trans Justice Working Group is organizing a TGNC Rights and Empowerment Day centered on our transgender and gender non-conforming Asian and Pacific Islander community. We are holding a day-long gathering in order to empower TGNC API people in the Bay Area towards larger social change in which we all feel safe in our bodies, homes, and communities. During this event, we’re planning for multiple workshops, community building activities, and drop-in hours for TGNC API folks to eat, relax, learn, and connect with others. You do not have to identify as TGNC or API to attend! We welcome folks who may be questioning and all folks of color.

What: APIENC TGNC Rights and Empowerment Day
When: Sat. 3/24, 11 am - 5 pm
Location: APIENC Office (17 Walter U Lum Pl. San Francisco, CA 94108)

Note: Participants do NOT have to attend the full day! You are welcome the full day, but should feel free to drop in to the sessions you are most interested in.
11am-12pm - Intros and Welcome
12pm-1:30pm - Workshops Round #1
1:30pm-2:30pm - Food and Tabling
2:30pm-4pm - Workshops Round #2
4pm-5pm - Closing
ONGOING - Art station, clothing swap, and chill zone!
- Please bring clothes in clean, wearable condition and not heavily worn through.
- If you have clothes hangers or bags to bring these clothes in, please bring them! We have limited storage for the clothing swap.

Transit: We are located a 13-minute walk from Montgomery Bart. Close Muni lines include the 1 and the 8.
Space Access: The building is wheelchair accessible, and all bathrooms are gender neutral. There is an elevator and 19 stairs to move between the ground floor to the second floor, and 17 stairs from the second floor to the third floor. The building is not fully fragrance free, but we do ask that for our events, folks come fragrance free (for more information, please see: https://eastbaymeditation.org/resources/fragrance-free-at-ebmc/).

***12 pm - 1:30 pm, WORKSHOP ROUND #1***

Which Documents?: A Workshop on Legal Gender and Name Change
by William, Across Gender
This workshop will provide a stress free and interactive way of understanding what documents are needed for legally changing one’s name and/or gender. This workshop will also provide an opportunity for people to interact with each other as we navigate through court orders, social security, DMV, birth certificate, and passport papers.

Creating a Safety Plan & Abolishing the Police
by Critical Resistance
This workshop, by Critical Resistance (CR) will give participants an understanding and historical overview of policing in the US. CR will provide abolitionist ways to resist and not rely on the cops in a range of situations, and will give participants tools to develop their own safety and preparedness plan.

***2:30 pm - 4 pm, WORKSHOP ROUND #2***
Know Your Employment Rights and Financial Literacy
by Willy Wilkinson
Do you have questions about being your authentic self in the workplace? We’ll talk about when/if to disclose your gender identity, how to navigate a workplace transition, restroom access, and trans employment resources. Come on down!

A Healthy Transition: Personal Stories of Social, Medical, and Surgical Transition
by William, Across Gender
Through personal stories, this workshop will address commonly ask questions regarding transitioning (socially, medically, and surgically). A panel of speakers will share experiences, and the discussion will primarily be centered around hormone replacement therapy, gender affirming surgeries, mental health, and social aspects of transitioning.


For questions, please contact info@apienc.org

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APIENC, as the hosting organization, wants to be clear that while this event is open to those who identify as trans, gender nonconforming, non-binary, non-cis, questioning and queer people of color, it is centered on those who identify as TGNC Asians and Pacific Islanders. This means that event programming will not focus on topics such as allyship, and we request that non-TGNC/POC identified participants prioritize TGNC POC participation.
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