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FinTech Philippines Association (FinTech PH)
FinTech PH is a non profit, SEC registered company located in Metro Manila, Philippines.

FinTech PH seeks to cultivate interest and technical skills to promote increased innovation, organize an inclusive community of startups and institutions, and build relationships among our members to further promote the goals of the industry.

The Philippines is just one of many markets that can benefit from developments in FinTech around the world. As a member of the ASEAN FinTech Council, we seek to accelerate the growth and success of our members by attracting investments and partnerships.

By providing relevant, expert-sourced information to regulators, we advocate for effective and future-focused measures to ensure prosperity within the industry and the people of the Philippines.

Individual - 3,000 PHP per year
Corporate - 10,000 PHP per year (will increase to 20,000 in 2021)
Advisory - 100,000 PHP per year
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Make all checks payable to Fintech Philippines Assoc. Inc.,
Remit payment to our Unionbank Current Account: 0000-1012-1791 and send deposit slip to
Payment can also be made to Tagcash Wallet, merchant account ID 2025
For Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and Electronic Money, you can pay via JustPayTo. Just go to this link and choose your preferred payment method.
For an invoice please send a request to
For further clarifications, Fintech PH has a chat group on Telegram (

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