UL HPC School - November 2017 registration
Registration form for the HPC School organized in the Belval Campus on November 9th 2017.
More information on the UL HPC website: https://hpc.uni.lu/hpc-school/
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Please supply your first name /as seen on your ID card or passport/
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Use your professional address (typically @uni.lu), or justify the usage of another address below.
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If you haven't used an institutional email (but e.g a Gmail address), please let us know why.
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User ID
If you already have an account on the UL HPC platform, please give your HPC username (ex: svarrette)
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Organization name *
Give the name of your organization - university (e.g. UL - SNT), research institute (e.g. LIST), company, etc.
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For Externals only: if you are not a member of the UL (i.e. neither staff member or student), you are eligible to registration fees (100€ per person) to be paid prior to your venue to the UL HPC School.
SSH Key - if not already user of the UL HPC platform
Supply your SSH public key (~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub) below as it will be required to connect to the clusters' front-end server. If you don’t know what this means, consider reading the FAQ on SSH: <https://hpc.uni.lu/users/docs/access.html>
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Operating System *
Please let us know which Operating System you use, as this will help us tailor some of the practical sessions:
Your expectations and requests for this HPC School
Let us know why you are attending this edition of the HPC school and what topics you would like to see emphasized.
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Planned attendance - Thursday, November 9th 2017 *
While you should attend all keynotes, help us to size the attendance to the practical sessions by selecting the sessions you plan to attend. Pay attention that some sessions are expected to be done in parallel.
Is there a specific practical session not yet planned or scheduled for this school you would have liked to see?
Detail as much as possible the context and motivation for this new session (software version, workflow, existing tutorial etc.)
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