The Official '2014' Out Twin Cities Film Festival Submission Form
We are accepting short and feature length film submissions beginning November 1st 2013.  


-- Festival Dates:  June 4th-- June 8th, 2014

-- Out Twin Cities Film Festival is Minnesota's local, national and international Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer film festival.

-- All submissions will require a GLBTQ story theme or a direct member from the production team identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer.  A direct member means:  Director.  Writer.  Director of Photography.  Cinematographer.  Actor.  Producer.   Gaffer.  

-- Acceptable Formats: Vimeo Private Link (Emailed with password) or DVD/BluRay.   Vimeo site:

-- The Submission Deadline for 'OTCFF' is Friday, March 14th 2014 at 12PM. You will be notified by April 2013 whether your film has been included in the line up.
-- Early submission fee is $25.00 if received my January 1st 2014
-- Regular submission fee is $30 if received by February 28th 2014
-- Late submission fee is $45 and must be received by Friday, March 14th 2014

-- Multiple Submissions Are Allowed With  "Separate Genre Categories" And Separate Entry Forms.

-- All music or clips used in your production will require permission granted to be used for exhibition at the Out Twin Cities Film Festival.  You also agree to allow Out Twin Cities Film Festival, and affiliates, the right to use your content in promotions and marketing,

-- Please fill out, print and send form, along with materials and fees, via US mail or can pay your submission fee through our paypal account and email your submission form:

-- If return of DVD/BluRay is desired, please include a SASE with your submission.

-- If possible, please submit promotional materials, i.e. stills, posters, press kits, etc. All materials can be emailed to or through standard mail to the address below.

-- Submissions can be mailed to:  

Out Twin Cities Film Festival
2606 East Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Or email submission form:

Submissions are evaluated in the following areas:

• Directing
• Cinematography
• Acting/Casting
• Producing
• Sound design
• Editing

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 Multiple Submissions Are Allowed With  "Separate Genre Categories" And Separate Entry Forms.
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Thank you for submitting to the 2014 'Out Twin Cities Film Festival'.   Please check our website for information and updates:

Please Complete, Print and Send Application Along With your Submission Fee To:  2606 East Hennepin Avenue,
Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA

Or email your submission form and your Vimeo link (With password) to your production:

Submission fees can be sent through our paypal account:

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