Stimulus Redistribution Campaign
Please join us in redistributing stimulus check money to those who need funds most during this difficult time by filling out this short form (it will take 3-5 minutes). Thank you for your solidarity and support! Let us know if you have any questions about other ways you can help by commenting at the end of the form.

About the Strategy of Stimulus Redistribution
Stimulus Redistribution is an act of solidarity with people who are most impacted by this crisis, and an opportunity for collective support. We thank you for considering taking this pledge!

If you're curious to know more about this strategy, we recommend reading: "time to redistribute those stimulus checks, baby" at .

Here is a short excerpt from that article that you can use to think about this campaign:

"We’re about to have another big ass collective healing opportunity. Once they can figure out the details, we’re about to get a big old injection of cash into households across the US...

Some of you reading this have salaries that haven’t gone away during this time of quarantine. Some of you reading this have money in your families, money you can ask for and depend on, even if your income has stopped. And some of you reading this have savings that can take you past six months of life without income. You don’t need this stimulus check. You might want it, but you don’t need it. This is especially true for white folks who are also protected by social and political as well as economic systems.

For some of you with cash who are the only people in your family right now and for generations and generations to have any at all, I know it will take a bit more time to feel, let alone actually be, economically safe. In the US and elsewhere, this is always about race. Always. The less social protection you have through white supremacy, the less economic protection you have. Always. This is also about generationally poor white folks, even as this generational poverty is a different shape of trap with a different potential of leaving than poverty attached to the institution of slavery and the attempted control and disappearance of indigenous lives. "
-Susan Raffo

Where will redistributed stimulus funds go?
About AMOR
AMOR is currently offering widespread support around Rhode Island via it's (amazingly-hard working) staff, funding, and a mutual aid network of over 100 community volunteers. Support that has been and will contiue to be provided to community members includes:

- Food
- Medical Supplies
- Cleaning supplies
- Children supplies (diapers, wipes etc)
- Toiletries

- Referrals for medical and mental health services
- Peer listening and mental health support
- Interpretation
- Transportation
- Legal assistance

- Protect undocumented residents in RI
- Limit detentions and arrests in RI
- Reduce the prison population in RI
- Fight back against anti-Asian racism
- Providing Community Resources/Information


We are an alliance of community-based grassroots organizations mobilizing and organizing rapid response to resist increased instances of individual and state-sponsored violence. This response occurs at the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and immigration status. We work to build a system in which the community can demand accountability, challenge injustice, and access healing after experiencing violence. We are organizing to place sovereignty back into the hands of communities directly affected by systemic oppression and build leadership, generate power, and organize resistance with and alongside all directly affected peoples.


AMOR envisions a world where the community has the power to ensure sovereignty. Where families do not fear being separated due to their documentation status and where black and brown communities are able to protect themselves against police violence and immigration raids. AMOR envisions a world where mental and physical health are the number one measure of community safety. Furthermore, we envision a society where individual acts of hate and state-sponsored hate are defeated by frontline community resistance.


Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE)
Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM)
The FANG Collective
Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics RI (COYOTE, RI)
Colectivo Sin Fronteras
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