Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Ecology and the Environmental Sciences at UC Davis
This form for is for entering positions available in undergraduate research and relevant activities in ecology and the environmental sciences at UC Davis. These might be short-term positions for specific tasks on a specific project or long-term openness to undergraduate researchers interested in topics relevant to a lab group, or anything in between. Please fill out the questions below, and your position will be viewable on a spreadsheet that all undergraduates interested in research opportunities can view. For questions, please contact Melissa Whaley <mmwhaley@ucdavis.edu>.

If you are looking to post an internship opportunity relevant to ecology and the environmental sciences but are not affiliated with UC Davis, please post at https://icc.ucdavis.edu/employer/handshake and/or send an advertising email to the staff advisors of any relevant majors (see below for a list of departments; staff advisor contact information will be on departmental web pages).
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Check all that can apply. Note that, if a student is work study eligible, you pay 25% and their financial aid package takes care of the other 75%, see https://financialaid.ucdavis.edu/undergraduate/types/work-study/work-study-faqs for more information and check with your CAO on how to leverage Work Study to provide financial support for students.
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