Link Crew 2018-2019
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What grade will you be in NEXT year? *
You must be a Junior or Senior during the 2016-2017 school year to be eligible
Are you on track to receive C's and higher in ALL of your classes? *
(ie will not be assigned royal time next year)
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We need your number so we can get a hold of you during the summer to remind you of our trainings...don't worry, its not creepy!
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Can you attend ALL of the Link Crew Training days (May 29, August 14, 15) and the August 21 Freshmen Orientation? *
Do you feel comfortable leading a small group of your peers? 0-5 *
0- not at all 5-extrememly activities, learning objectives, studying
Do you consider yourself to be empathetic? 0-5 *
0- not at all 5-extrememly Do you care about other people, do you want to help others with their problems?
Do you have school spirit 0-5 *
0- not at all 5-extrememly Do you participate in dress up days? Attend games and dances? Where royal regalia.
Would your friends describe as an extrovert? 0-5 *
0-not at all 5-extremely Are you outgoing? Confident? Self-secure?
Would your friends describe you as a good listener? 0-5 *
0- not at all 5-extrememly They come to you with their problems, you're the first person they text when something “goes down”
Rate your involvement in extracurriculars at san marcos high school: 0-5 *
0- not at all 5-extrememly Sports, band, choir, clubs, academic teams, mock trial, kids helping kids etc…
How much time are you willing to dedicate to being a Link Crew Leader? 0-5 *
0- no time outside of required dates, 5-I am willing to spend a significant amount of time doing Link Crew development outside of the required training and tutorials during first term.
Was your freshman year experience positive? 0-5 *
0- not positive 5- AMAZING
How important is being a Link Leader to you? 0-5 *
0-not important 5-super important
Were you a link crew leader last year? *
Explain one success and one setback from your Freshman year. *
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Describe a time that you acted as a leader *
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Describe a time where you faced a setback and someone provided guidance/support to help you see it through. *
Alternatively you could describe a time where you were a support/guidance for someone who needed help
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If you could change ONE thing about San Marcos High School, what would it be? Extension: how could you change it? *
Write in full sentences
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What does it mean to be a Royal? *
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Ethnicity *
Did you serve as a Link Crew Leader last year? *
Have you ever been placed in a mandatory royal time period? *
(Grades dropped below 2.0 for an extended period of time)
Are you planning on serving as an Academic Mentor for Royal Time next year? *
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